• Energy of accelerated protons1000 MeV
  • Number of proton beams3
  • Intensity of proton beamsup to 6*1012рс
  • Beams of secondary particles
    neutrons, pions, muons
  • Inductance in the magnet center1.9 T
  • Magnet weight7800 tons
  • Time of operation
    for physical experimentsup to 3600 hours per year

Proton synchrocyclotron SC-1000 with the proton energy of 1000 MeV and the beam intensity of the extracted proton beam of 1 µa is one of the basic facilities of the Institute. The synchrocyclotron was put into operation in the 1970's. During its operation history, the synchrocyclotron was largely upgraded.

Research and development complex on the basis of the SC-1000 is used to conduct research in-particle physics, structure of atomic nuclei and mechanism of nuclear reactions, solid state physics and in applied physics and nuclear medicine studies.

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