• Thermal power 18 MW
  • Neutron-flux density4*1014n/cm2*c
  • Number of horizontal channels17
  • Number of vertical channels15
  • Number of irradiation cavities in the reactor core6

The research reactor WWR-M is one of the basic facilities of PNPI, which is used to conduct basic and applied research in nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, to develop neutron methods of matter investigation, radiation materials science, and radiobiology, to produce radionuclides for medical purposes.

The project "High-intensity source of ultra-cold neutrons at the reactor WWR-M" is currently being implemented. Its unique feature is the usage of superfluid helium, which will enable us to achieve the density of ultra-cold neutrons that is about 1000 times higher than the intensity of the world's existing sources of ultra-cold neutrons. This project will create a modern neutron common use center for the study of nanomaterials and fundamental interactions.

About WWR-M

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